Sara for Supervisor

Welcome to Sara for Supervisor!


As I have been meeting with Kaukauna residents, something that has been brought up is that it is difficult to know who to vote for when you just get soundbites about each person, and don't know them directly.

I understand that. However, I also know that I am the right person to represent District 10 on the Outagamie County Board because my sole purpose is to represent YOU.  To help all of you get to know me, I asked friends and family members to share why they think I am right for this position.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the kind words! THANK YOU!! I hope this testament as to who I am as a person will encourage people to vote for me. 


Please note that there are more endorsements on my FaceBook page.  Thanks!

Matt Lederer

"Sara impressed me from the moment I met her and I truly believe she will make an excellent Outagamie County Supervisor. Her experiences, both in her work and family life, make her uniquely qualified to understand and help people from all backgrounds. Her thoughtful and well-informed positions and ideas will benefit all Outagamie County citizens. I am happy to endorse Sara MacDonald for Outagamie County Supervisor."

Charles Self

"After living and working throughout the Midwest, I am proud to call Outagamie County, Wisconsin home.  It is a great place to live for many (me included).  In order to make it a better place, we need to help all county residents get to the point where they can contribute fully to each other.  I endorse Sara MacDonald for District 10 Supervisor to the Outagamie County Board since she is committed to make this happen."

"Sara has the background to understand the needs of the community.  Although she has mainly lived in the Fox Valley, she resided in England for awhile, where she was exposed to a different way of analyzing local problems.  Sara is a trained social worker and assists families in crisis.  As a mother, she's very involved in the local schools and children-focused nonprofit organizations."

"I have the honor to serve with Sara on the Forward Fox Valley Board. She is unrelenting in her concern for a stronger Fox Valley area.  Sara's energy has been the catalyst and charge behind the formation of Forward Fox Valley and as Vice Chair, led the organization in events that has increased community engagement."

"We have the opportunity to build a better Outagamie County by aiding those with problems such as drug addiction, mental health issues, needy veterans, homeless citizens, and the underemployed become thriving members of our community. Please vote for Sara MacDonald for District 10 Supervisor to the Outagamie County Board as your first step to realize this dream!"

Derek Barsaleau

"In the world today, it’s hard to find people to simply call a friend. I have the honor of knowing Sara, and the privilege to truly call her a friend. Passionate, compassionate, dutiful and loyal. Sara only has the best interests of the people in her heart and her love and morals will serve the people like no other I know. Her dedication and passion to serve puts her above all others."

Avis and Stuart MacDonald

"We have known Sara for about 21 years. In that time she has used her time and energy for helping causes that she has felt were right or against those she felt were wrong or detrimental to others. She has a proven record of being able to produce the material and paperwork to fight for the causes that she feels are important. She is very determined and acts in accordance with her views. She is hard working and prepared to stand up for the rights and well being of others."

Karen Roll

" Sara, you are going to make fantastic representative of Outagamie County Board, in your District. You have drive where it counts; you have compassion, and are a hard worker. You have passion and that passion will carry you to Outagamie County Board of District 10 in Kaukauna."